This summarizes what has happened with our project Haitian Mission  since our church first got involved. Our first trip to Haiti in November 2015 was mostly a fact-finding mission and we learned a lot about the many needs of the Haitian people.  Our first project saw us sponsor 7 students to continue their education.


When we returned to Haiti in  February 2016 with Freda and Kelsey (Cheslock) plus Jack (Rhyner)  we were able to start work on a home for Hyppolite, our contact in Haiti. He and his wife Kenta have four natural children and have adopted three others.  At that time they were living in one room of a house (8 X 10 feet) and their future looked very bleak.  They are now living in their new home on the land with their extended family, totaling 14 in all. 


With the help of Kelsey and her project to take our Haitian friends on a permaculture course, Hyppolite and his family are now able to grow a lot of their own food.  I estimate that they have planted 1.5 acres in sweet potatoes, okra, peanuts, beans, sugar cane, banana, rice, corn and yucca.  I anticipate another 1 - 2 acres will be planted this spring.  They are providing food for their family and sharing their produce with their neighbours.


The house has been furnished with beds for everyone (no more sleeping on the concrete floor), a kitchen with table and chairs, stove and sink.  They also now have a functioning bathroom with flush toilets.  As of January this year they have a well on the property powered by a generator which provides water to their family, neighbours and water for the gardens. The family is very grateful for all that we have done and send their thank you to our church family.  They have taken great pride and care in their new home and are always willing to share their good fortune.


We have: increased the number of children sponsored for school to 15, accomplished great things in less than a year and will be discussing with our elders the next stage of this mission.  At this point our only long term commitment should be to guarantee the education  funding for those 15 children now in school. I personally thank all members of our church family and  community for their very generous support of this mission.


Terry Ollerhead




Should anyone reading this choose to support this mission contact Pastor James Wood at or by phoning 807-223-6025