Christmas Day “Enough Jesus to Go Around” John 1:16

Christmas Day: “Enough Jesus to Go Around”
December 25th, 2019 – John 1:16

Did any of you have a special Christmas Dinner last night?

Are any of you having a special Christmas dinner again tonight?

I have a very important question I must ask you, “Did you make enough?”


Did any of you do Christmas presents last night?

Did any of you do them this morning?

Did you buy enough presents? Were there enough to go around? Did everybody get the right thing? Did someone get a beautiful brand-new sweater and someone else get a pipe cleaner?


How about Christmas music? Do you have enough for your celebrations? Will your playlist run out?

Are you feeling happy enough this “joyous Christmas morn’?” Do you have enough joy, or energy, for the day?

Did you clean the house well enough for your guests or prepare your contribution for the dinner you’ve been invited to?


Many people are not here with us this morning because they are worried about having enough prepared. Or they were over-prepared and had too much last night!


Running Out
No one wants to run out. It is good to be prepared. When you cannot be too prepared it is best to not have to prepare for so many people. Inviting too many people to fit into your house or inviting more people than you have food for is an issue.


When you have a good fishing hole that you discover it is best to keep that news to yourself. If you tell too many people your new favorite spot might run dry pretty quick.


Is there a good boxing day sale in the flyer for tomorrow? You might not want to tell too many people about it or they might buy them all up before you can get there.


Don’t want to tell too many people and run out of what we have.

Some things you keep quiet.

Don’t want to share because we don’t want to run out.


Grace upon Grace v.16
Something that never runs out is God’s grace and love. Verse 16 from our Gospel reading this morning says, “From [Jesus’] fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”


We can share the message of God’s love for us in the gift of Jesus over and over again. It will never run out.


The whole world could live off His gift of our baby Jesus in the manger. The message of baby Jesus would not run out.


Every person in the whole world could each get the fullness of God’s love and God wouldn’t love a single one of us any less.


His forgiveness for our sins is endless, too.


His message of peace, happiness, and salvation can be shared every moment of every day for a lifetime and will always be full of truth.


Grace upon Grace x2
Your sins seem endless. Mine do too.

God’s forgiveness in Jesus is more than they could ever be and completely covers them all.


His love for you will never falter.


His promises to you will never fail.


Our baptismal waters never run dry.


There is always enough food and drink in the supper He has prepared for you.


Let us share the love God has for us!


Let us share God’s forgiveness!

Let us be quick to say “sorry” and quick to forgive.


Forgiveness in Jesus, the little baby in the manger, will never run out.


Let us Go Tell it On the Mountain!

Let us tell everyone we know, as the hymn says “God sent us salvation, that blessed Christmas morn.”


Your salvation from sin and death never runs out.


Thanks be to God. Amen.

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