St. Mark

Records show work began among the people of Northwest Ontario in 1907, although services were conducted in Waldof (Gunne) prior to that date.

Lutheran pastors belonging to the Ohio and Missouri Synod held occasional services in homes, also in the old school, and later in the new school. In 1929 or 1930 the building that had been Hans KelIbergs’ store north of the C.P.R. was purchased. The following is a list of the pastors that served this area:

1907-11 — Rev. Wm. Heintzmann             1911-14 — Rev. Paul Walther

1915-17 — Rev. Louis Rosin                     1917-17 — Rev. A. Fehner

1918-20 — Rev. Geo. Grabarkewitz        1921-23 — Rev. John Woelfle

1924-25 — Rev. Alex Erthal                      1926-29 — Rev. E. F. Schroeder

1930-33 — Rev. O. F. Heinrichs              1934-38 — Rev. Geo. Juettner

1939-42 — Rev. Arnold Vehling

* 1939 First time resident pastor posted in Dryden serving, Dryden, Dinorwic , Dyment, Vermilion Bay, and Waldhof (St. Paul’s).

1942-45 — Pastor Erhard Roth                   1945-47— Pastor Kempf

1948-55— Pastor Donovan Bakalyar        * From here on regular service were held.

1955-56 — Pastor Otto Rueben                 1956-60 — Pastor Fred Reimer

1961-63 — Pastor Kruger * Pastor Kruger arranged to move the church to Vermilion Bay in 1962. A lot on Hwy. 17 in Vermilion Bay was purchased for $550 ( a gift from LWML) and the church building was moved. The congregation of 33 members reorganized and the church was named St. Mark.

1964-67 — Pastor Lawrence Meaunula     1968-88 — Pastor David Brockopp.

Expansion of the new nave took place in 1984 at a cost of $40,000 and it was dedicated in 1985. St. Mark celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1987.

1989-98 — R. Kobernick                            2001-06 — Pastor Noel Smith

2006-19 – Pastor James Wood

Present Pastor is Pastor Alexander Timm

On January 1, 1989 the congregation joined Lutheran Church-Canada. Services are held every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.; sharing a pulpit with Our Savior, Dryden.  The summer sees our congregation grow somewhat due to the tourism industry.

2009 saw the latest round of renovations to both the interior and exterior of our church.